If you or someone you know or love is charged with a criminal offence or is about to be, you or they can feel  frightened, uncertain, anxious.  You may feel wronged or even outraged.

What does the future hold?

Where do I go from here?

What is this all going to cost?

How will I cope?

What will happen to me?

We can provide answers.

Having a lawyer who is an expert in criminal law represent you and your interests as soon as possible is crucial. With very minor offences you may need little more than some advice and guidance but the more serious the charge the more important it is that you make well informed decisions about whether to plead guilty or not guilty and even if you are to plead guilty you need advice on what information to put before the court to ensure you receive a fair penalty at law.

When suddenly everyone seems to be against you, you need someone you can ask confidential questions without fear. You need someone who has an enormous amount of experience in the problems you are experiencing and in advising on possible outcomes. You may need someone to advise you and represent you in court fearlessly. That’s what we do and we do it well.