Living with injuries sustained in any motor accident is traumatic enough without having to find the time and energy to navigate the pathway to financial compensation for those injuries.

Not many of us are aware that there have been significant changes to the way compensation for injuries arising from motor accidents are to be assessed. These changes came into effect on 1 July 2013. While there is still a strict 3 year time limit from the date of the accident in which to lodge a Claim with the Court there is now a further time limit of 6 months in which to file an Injury Claim form with the compulsory third party insurers.

The process of assessment of one’s injuries according to what is known as an “ISV scale” is not easy to understand but it is critical in determining what damages an injured person can claim, whether it be lost wages, diminished capacity for work, pain and suffering and paid services.

Our solicitors have extensive experience in the handling of personal injury claims of all sizes and complexity.

Most people are surprised to learn about what they can claim – from interest and superannuation on lost income to an hourly amount for the domestic duties that a family member has had to manage on your behalf. It may even be possible to secure an advance payment on your claim to alleviate any unexpected financial distress.  You will be fully advised of every area of damage for which you can be compensated and how to go about claiming it with the minimum cost and delay.

Together we will gather the evidence which supports your claim. We will efficiently arrange referrals for medico-legal assessments from various medical experts and obtain records from your employer and the tax office.  We will be guided by your needs and our aim is to minimize the disruption to your life and to leave you with space to recover from the trauma of the accident.

We aim to minimize the financial burden of the accident so once we have assessed that the accident was primarily the fault of the other party, and once it is apparent that your injury is likely to reach the necessary ISV scale value we are happy to manage your claim without burdening you with payment of our legal fees along the way. You will be fully appraised of our fee structure and your agreement will be sought before we commence work on the file. We do not charge a premium for withholding our invoices and nor do we charge a percentage of your compensation. You will be fully appraised of your legal costs and the risks of litigation before you are asked to consider any settlement offer from the insurers .

We are experts in negotiating to your best advantage and are proud to have a history of settling 99.9% of our cases with excellent results for our clients without the need for expensive, traumatic and time-consuming litigation.

D’Angelo Kavanagh prides itself on its compassionate and good natured staff and the reputation we have for an honest and fearless approach to representing our client’s rights.