What is the cost of my first interview with one of the lawyers at D’Angelo Kavanagh?


Why doesn't D'Angelo Kavanagh offer a free first interview?

Some law firms offer free first interviews as a means of attracting new clients.

At D’Angelo Kavanagh we pride ourselves on having developed a very strong client base which has formed with no advertising (except for a website) or gimmicks, but by providing a professional, results focused service to our clients. Our practice is built on return business and client referrals and referrals from other professionals. In short, we provide an expert professional service and we charge a professional fee.


What is the likely cost of my first interview?

Depending on the nature of your legal enquiry your first interview will usually be around half an hour. The usual cost will be $200 plus GST if you are seeing one of the partners or $180 plus GST if you are seeing one of the Associates.

Sometimes for more complex matters (and for many Family Law matters) we need to allow a full hour to provide appropriately detailed advice tailored to you in which case the cost will be $400 plus of GST for a partner and $360 plus GST for an Associate.

During this time our Lawyers will be able to give you preliminary advice and some clear direction as to how to best approach your problem. Sometimes the advice you receive at the first interview may be all you need. There is no obligation upon you whatsoever beyond the first interview unless you agree and request our continued assistance.


Do I have to pay for the first interview immediately?

Some people like to pay right away and if that is what you would like to do all you need to do is tell the receptionist and they will prepare an account for you on the spot. We accept cash and most types of credit cards. If you would prefer an account to be sent that’s okay too and our usual 14 day terms will apply.

In many cases where we continue to act for you the cost of your first interview will simply be added to your monthly bill.

In every case we will keep you up-to-date with estimates of your ongoing costs as the matters proceed.



We appreciate that many people are daunted by legal costs and the way they are calculated can seem quite complex.

Our fees and charges are competitive. We do not have the overheads of large City based firms so our overall charges are generally much lower without any compromise at all to the professional service our client’s receive.

Once we have discussed the nature of your problem and the best way towards a solution with you, we will either fix a set fee or give you an estimate of likely costs and let you know exactly how your fees will be calculated and according to what scale.



There will be no hidden costs. No surprises. Complete transparency.

Your initial interview will usually cost between $200 and $400 (plus GST).

Sometimes the cost of the initial interview will be more or less than this depending on the nature of the matter and likely time or care involved but don’t worry you will be told in advance if it is likely to be different.

So that you have a clear understanding of what your costs are likely to be, at our initial interview we will explain to you in detail:

how we calculate our fees;

  • the likely costs involved to prepare and run your case;
  • any additional costs that may be incurred such as out of pocket expenses which, depending on the nature of your matter, may include for example the costs of doctor’s reports, Stamp Duty,
  • Court filing fees or specialist barrister’s fees;
  • any costs that may be recoverable from, or payable by you to the other party.


Our lawyers will provide you with clear and complete information about your likely legal costs before you commit to taking any Court action.

The choices are yours based on our expert advice.

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to predict the actual costs as some matters settle early whereas some matters become more protracted. Nonetheless, we will ensure that you understand what likely costs will be at each and every stage of proceedings.

We advise but you decide.


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