The firm frequently receives letters, cards and emails from clients. The following are just a selection of those:

“Dear Paul,

many thanks for all your recent help in sorting mums affairs out quickly and without pain…”

“Dear Mr Kavanagh,

just a note to say how very much I appreciated your kindness yesterday…”

“Dear Terry,

I just want to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your help once again…”

“Hi Daniel

Well, Settlement was effected today – so that’s good! Thanks for your part in achieving that. You explained things very clearly and succinctly and were open and understanding to my points of view – it was appreciated.

I meant to ask you today a bit more about your areas of expertise and working background, as I need to establish a relationship with a solicitor for any legal issues that may invariably arise from time to time in my new business (in the past I have worked for large companies with in-house legal staff)



“Dear Paul,

On behalf of the West Adelaide Football Club we would like to thank you for the time and outstanding work you put into the appeal of the three match suspension handed to……

The original finding was a real blow for…… However the interest and passion you showed towards him in his case quickly lifted his spirits and the end result of a two week deduction of penalty has been a real boost of morale for both… and the entire football club…”

“Danni Stephens is the best lawyer I ever had. Danni has represented me in a few matters over the years and she has never let me down. Her work ethic, dedication and empathy truly make the court process so much easier. I have dealt with a number of lawyers over the years but I have never been satisfied as I am with the service I received from her. With her help my life has significantly changed to the good and to that I will be eternally grateful.”

“Dear Mr D’Angelo,

I am writing you this today as a letter of gratitude. I passed you with your, I presume daughter, on Boxing Day going into the pictures and I could see besides being a very good lawyer you’re also a very caring and loving dad.

I think you must have understood as a parent when I came in with my son to you the fear a parent must have when they see their children in trouble.…

Thankfully with your help and expertise all charges were dropped.…

I thought you might like to know that …… was able to fulfill his dream…

It occurred to me that you probably never know what comes of your clients only if there is a repeat problem… I thought I would send you this to show you the fruits of your labour and show you how much you have affected my son’s life in a very positive way.…”

“Dear Paul,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks and to commend you on such a wonderful job.….My whole family, but most importantly myself are so thankful that we had someone like yourself to help us out, when were in a bad situation, without your help support and drive we would not have had the same result…

You went out of your way to ensure that the best possible result would be reached and I can’t thank you enough that…”

“Dear Paul,

…… has told me enthusiastically of your particular kindness to her at her last appointment with you.….The entirety of your legal and personal dealings with us and the skill with which you have solved our problems have been both impressive and heartwarming….I have to tell you that your work for us has led to a watershed of improvement…”

“Dear Paul,

… I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your sincere support at a most difficult time in my life. It meant a great deal to me at the time to have your confidence and professional advice…”

“Dear Mr D’Angelo and Ms Abbott,

a few days ago I received the cheque… as this brings to end our common involvement I would like to tell you that I feel I have been fortunate in having you and Ms Abbott as my legal representatives. I wish both of you all the best in the future.…”

“To Terence, Paul and staff,

a big thank you to all of you in helping is carry out…….wishes.

We were very pleased with the work you did for us…”

“Dear Mr Kavanagh,

just a note to say how very much I appreciated your kindness yesterday…”


I would like to sincerely thank you and your law firm for the legal representation with regards to…….. recent legal matter.

I feel very blessed to have received such outstanding legal representation and will be forever grateful…

… We can move forward…”

“Dear Sue, Diane and Danni,

words just cannot express how grateful I am your efforts and support. You have reunited my princess and my whole world to me XXX…”

“Hi Terry,

I would like to thank you and in particular Daniel for his exceptional service in handling the matter and would have no hesitation in referring friends and business associates to Daniel and your company.

Daniel really put his heart into the task, he always answered emails very promptly, i was even getting emails from him when he was having his Christmas and new year break, and also while he was having a few days on the gold coast.

Daniel’s attention to detail is second to none, Daniel came up with all  solutions to difficult arguments,  and at the end of the day came out smelling like roses. Daniel was able to get a resolution without too much fuss.

The whole team, including your reception was always on the ball I reiterate, I would have no hesitation in referring friends and business associates to Daniel and your company.

Daniel is a young man with a  future, and is a great asset to your firm.

I have shared this email with my friends. as well…….

I hope my buddies do not need legal representation, but if they do, they will know where to find the best.

Yours faithfully”

“Dear Danni,

we would like to thank you sooooooo much, not only if your professionalism in conducting the case for……., But also if your immense support to ascend walking through the issues and keeping us informed.

The final outcome was a fabulous result and it was a thrill for us to see you just as excited as we were!!

…….Once again a very sincere thanks……”

“Hi Daniel

Thank you very much for your assistance in the settlement of this matter.

It has involved many difficult decisions for us and we are thankful to have a legal mind to help us.

Once again,

Thank you,